Promoting Trade - Investment - Business support is alwaystoppriority of two Bangladesh-Vietnam governments. - With potential for population size,as a result, economic growth rate of Bangladesh and Vietnam in two years 2019-2020 is truly impressed, along with similarity of culture and development, will be key for breakthroughin coming years. - BANGLADESH- VIETNAM BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SUPPORT CENTER (BBS) is an important milestone, showing will and determination of the Bangladeshi government, organized and operated under sponsorship and direction of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Vietnam, BBS is committed to being an official, effective information channel serving and supporting business community, economic organizations of BangladeshandVietnam, in charge ofgatheringdata for the Bangladeshi agenciestomake forecasts, development plans and strategies.   - BBS commitstopromoting its strengthstomakes a comprehensive effort and effective contribution for sustainable growthand development between Bangladesh and Vietnam in current legal framework.
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